Straumann® BLX Implant

Unique Dynamic Bone ManagementTM Concept

New conical implant Straumann® BLX (Bone Level eXtreme) for implantation into bone with extremely low density, extraction sockets and for convergent roots of adjacent teeth.

Self-tapping, conical implant with unique material technology ROXOLID® and surface technology SLActive®. This implant is suitable for very poor conditions such as extremely low bone density, bone defects, poor bone supply, convergent roots of adjacent teeth as well as more aggressive protocols such as immediate implantation and immediate loading.

ROXOLID® material considerably eliminates the need for augmentation, thereby reducing performance costs, while SLActive® surface then „supports“ the doctor in problematic terrain with increased capability and speed of new bone formation.


The characteristics of Straumann® BLX Implant include:

– Reduced neck diameter

– Thin and fully conical body of the implant

– Two-way cutting elements

– Dynamic grooves along the entire length of the thread

– Deep apical thread

– Only one type of prosthetic connection – abutments fit into all implant diameters